iPhone 8 at the end of the year and no white, new rumor!

New rumours about the iPhone 8 are appearing again on the networks, this time we talk about the launch date and the white colour of the next iPhone tenth anniversary.

A new report by Macotakara stresses that Apple is lagging behind in the development of the upcoming iPhone 8 . A bad news that would show the delays during the first months of sale and a great initial shortage of these devices. The report points out that more ” premium model ” of the iPhone introduced this year will be introduced along with the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus, however, its launch will probably be delayed until around end of the year .

iPhone 8 very limited and end 2017

iPhone 8 at the end of the year and no white, new rumor!
iPhone 8 at the end of the year and no white, new rumor!

Specifically, the people at Macotakara say the launch could happen during the first half of the first quarter of 2018 for Apple, a period that could be during the months between October and December 2017 . This would mean that either in late October or early November, we could see the first units of this device in the hands of the first lucky ones.

iPhone 8 may be delayed until the end of 2017

Furthermore, the report adds that the ” initial sales period has a high possibility of being limited “. This is bad news for other countries such as Spain, which is not usually among the first countries to market Apple’s most popular products.

There will be no white 10th anniversary iPhone, really?

However, the most controversial point of this rumour does not come from the date of marketing of this terminal. The Macotakara report notes that Apple will not produce the next iPhone in white . Although the details are not clear, there are indications that Apple could not make the device white, further suggesting that ” colour variation is low “. A statement that clashes head-on with other information suggesting that this tenth edition iPhone might come in a new “mirror” colored rear variant. However, this rumor is not within the Macotakara reports.

Is this what iPhone 8 will look like?

As for the Touch ID , Macotakara claims that it is unlikely that fingerprint technology will ever be included in the power button, as had been rumoured in recent times. However, the report does not provide additional details on where the famous iPhone 8 Touch ID will be located.

In conclusion, this report states that it is “very likely” that iPhone 8 will include facial recognition in the form of Face ID . A technology that “would incorporate a rainbow color certificate and a 3D facial recognition certificate”. In addition, Apple would be considering this new method as the ” natural unlocking ” form of future iPhones, we’ll see what happens but Macotakara has a pretty good predictive history in recent years.

However, it’s best to be careful with all these rumors since not all reports on iPhone 8 are accurate, everything indicates that even Apple itself would not have made a final decision on its product yet. We’ll be telling you all the news about the iPhone 8 on our page so keep an eye out for updates.

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