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iPhone 7 will have 4 speakers

A lot of information about the iPhone 7 being developed by Apple has been leaked in recent months. From the fact that it might have a dual camera to the fact that the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack will disappear. In addition, a new leak has come out, which means that the iPhone 7 will have four speakers.

In the images published by a French technology blog, you can see an iPhone case with four independent speakers. As shown in the images, two of the speakers would be located on top of the phone while the remaining two would take the traditional place for these.

iPhone 7 will have 4 speakers
iPhone 7 will have 4 speakers

This information doesn’t match the one leaked months ago where it was said that the appearance of the iPhone 7 would be very similar to that of the 6s. The fact that the camera and the flash are organized in a completely different way than the ones we knew some time ago also doesn’t agree, since the images show much larger spaces than those expected for the phone.

Another reason that generates distrust about the veracity of the filtration is the fact that one of the possible speakers would be very close to the camera and the flash , which would not be very practical at the time of the assembly of the device.

One thing the filtering does get right is the absence of the 3.5 mm jack space for connecting the headphones . What is expected from Apple for this connection is that the headset connects to the phone wirelessly with a Bluetooth adapter.

The case appears to belong to the 4.7-inch iPhone, as it does not have a space for the Dual camera that will be exclusive to the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

Nothing is known about how legitimate or not this leak is since contradicts others that make a little more sense. Although a picture says more than a thousand words, nothing we see on the Internet can be considered completely true unless it comes from a direct source from Apple, so until then we will have to settle for the assumptions that blogs make every day.

Four speakers seem like a lot for a phone with the features expected for the new iPhone. However, if you have them, you can only hope that they have some feature worthy of Beats, the audio company Apple bought in 2014.

Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone between October and November, so it won’t be until that date that we will have to live with leaks and speculation.