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iPhone 7 May Include EarPods with Standard Connection


All the rumours have been going around that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack , which has caused a lot of speculation about possible accessories that might come along. A new wireless version of the EarPods has been heard of to come along with the brand’s new smartphone .

iPhone 7 May Include EarPods with Standard Connection
iPhone 7 May Include EarPods with Standard Connection

But now a new report that has been published on the Japanese Mac Otakara site suggests that Apple could launch the iPhone 7 with standard 3.5mm headphones and a 3.5mm connector with a Lightning adapter to allow it to be connected to new devices. This information comes from sources in Computex Taipei 2016 and the reliability of the sources cannot be confirmed, so one must be cautious in believing it.

The fact that EarPods with a 3.5 mm connector arrive seems an unusual choice for Apple , even if an adapter is included in the box. “At Computex Taipei 2016, many manufacturers showed their new audio lightning adapters, and it seems that there have been rumors that the headphones included with the new iPhone 7 will have their own headphone jack, as usual, and a lightning adapter will be included in the box”.

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In other rumours that have seen the light of day in the past, including one from the Mac Otakara itself, it has been suggested that Apple will introduce a new EarPod design that will connect to the iPhone via the Lightning or Bluetooth port , something that would facilitate a better transition from the 3.5mm jack to an adapter. Although so far we have only heard rumors about the EarPods, we do not know exactly what the company’s plans are.

Other Mac Otakara reports also reiterate the possibility that the 256GB of storage will be a new option and suggest that iPhone 7 will have speaker holes on both the right and left sides of the Lightning port, taking advantage of the space left by the headphone jack. Although instead of introducing stereo sound, the site believes that the smartphone will have “a monaural system”.

Rumours about the fate of the space left by the removal of the headphone socket have been quite varied. Early rumors pointed to the possibility of the arrival of two speakers for stereo sound , but later rumors and design schemes have cast some doubt on whether iPhone 7 will have a dual speaker system.


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