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iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 y AirPods: primer contacto

We kick off this 2016 season with the long-awaited September keynote : a presentation that gets off to a strong start – and no rumour has been able to anticipate – from the arrival of Nintendo on iOS . Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage to the surprise of everyone in San Francisco, and told us that he was looking forward to a project of this magnitude finally being available on the Apple platform.

Super Mario Run, an exclusive adventure from Mario for iOS containing elements of the classic game with a version based on the “run and go” concept, with competition between two players and everything to the mythology of the popular character that promises to be the beginning of more surprises in the future. While we wait for Super Mario Run to arrive – for Christmas 2016 – we will also have the sticker packs for Messages that will delight fans of the character.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 y AirPods: primer contacto
iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 y AirPods: primer contacto

Continuing with the video game line, Pokemon Go has also made an appearance with the version for Apple Watch that will allow players to control their progress through the popular animated world from their wrist. The NintendoNiantic alliance strengthens the company’s vision of being a differentiator not only in products, but also in exclusive content.

Apple Watch Series 2, the smart watch we’ve been waiting for

After 18 months since the launch of the original Apple Watch, Apple decided to evolve the concept : the same exterior design – but with new colours and a new material, white ceramic – to attract more attention from a consumer who wants to go further. To this end, Apple adds two major requirements of all those who were looking for more possibilities in the original: a built-in GPS and the complete sealing of the case that makes it waterproof.

Not only physically it improves under these two premises, the new dual-core processor makes everything go more smoothly : interface, applications, general performance… even beyond the very improvement we will see with the watchOS 3.0 and its own optimization systems. Live, the new colors are striking – and although you will like it – the white in ceramic material is the most spectacular, at least in this first contact. The weight is practically the same as on the predecessor model, and the straps are still compatible.

In the keynote we have seen Apps that can already use the new GPS , or the improvement in the accelerometer: it is just the tip of the iceberg of a model that goes from being interesting, to very interesting, and will clear the doubts that many had with a first generation. In addition, the starting price starts at $369 for Series 2, and the original model, renamed Series 1 , also has a Dual-Core processor upgrade, for $100 less.

Nike has also signed up to a longstanding collaboration with Apple, and is introducing a new model of Apple Watch Nike+ that is completely customized by the brand, both in terms of the strap and the applications. The new Apple Watch Nike+ is impressive: sporty, striking in design and very comfortable to reach, a perfect cocktail for sportsmen and women who are also looking for the extra incentive to do sport.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the high-tech iPhone

The feel of the new Jet Black model is similar to that of the iPhone 3G, although it is softer to the touch and has a good grip in the hand

It’s not just one less filtered housing, one less chip or one less headphone port: the new iPhone 7 is a compendium of technological advances that speak for themselves of a complete generation change. With new colours such as the spectacular Jet Black, which is absolutely stunning live, the design part is balanced by the creation of a scrupulous unibody enclosure down to the smallest detail so that the design is not only a new look, but also something that improves the structure and composition of the device.

The cameras are one of this year’s big news, with a host of technological innovations – especially in the iPhone 7 Plus cameras – resulting in photos with more vibrant depth of field and colors than in previous models. The optical zoom achieved with the double lens is spectacular and fast, considering that we’re talking about a mobile phone, and although it will never replace a large camera, it comes close in quality.

It is waterproof, with IP67 certification , something that many users have been demanding since previous generations. The sound is greatly improved: the inclusion of stereo speakers at the top and bottom produce a more powerful sound when the device is used horizontally. However, the big new players are the AirPods : trying them out was one of my surprises today: the sound is powerful, deep and with a lot of quality, even in a noisy environment like a “hand-on” with thousands of journalists.

Beyond sound, Apple’s “special effects” and its fixation on detail mean that when you take off one of them, the music stops, for example. They are also reactive with the touches we make , so we can activate Siri

and control reproduction in this way. The way to pair them with your phone thanks to the Apple W1 chip is almost immediate, and much faster than with traditional Bluetooth.

Special mention to the home button … or the absence of it, since it no longer exists as such. It’s not a button we can press, but an area on the case that – like the keyboard with ForceTouch – gives us a haptic feeling of clicking , and responds fantastically well to touch, and quickly.

A keynote of values and love of detail

This keynote from September will go into Apple’s imagination as that of details, of differentiation : Super Mario and Nintendo, an unexpected and very valuable alliance that distances them from other brands when we talk about video games, and tells us a lot about how Apple is betting on it when it comes to putting value on third party products.

Technological exaltation is the basis of this keynote: the devices are empowered from within, evolving them as a concept

Todo sobre la Keynote del 7 de Septiembre

And love for detail because we are in a presentation of technological exaltation : we have reached the learning threshold in the concept of the iPhone and that necessary twist makes the concept stronger. Waterproof, incredibly powerful, designed to enhance mobile photography and a sound that is not to be left in the background. Apple Watch that follows the right path of evolution betting on a mature model, and a new accessory – like the AirPods – that will mark a before and after in an iPhone that finally leaves the wires behind.

To all this we add the good news of the launch in Spain in mid-September , so we will soon have everything in our hands to test it thoroughly: several devices that carry the flag of technological maturity and promise us an exciting end of the year.

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