iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s blocked by Incorrect Activation


A large number of iPhone users have experienced an activation block because their device is linked to an email address such as Apple ID that does not belong to them.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s blocked by Incorrect Activation
iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s blocked by Incorrect Activation

The most striking thing about this case is that has happened to iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s users mainly. This draws even more attention to us and makes those users whose newly acquired iPhones are being blocked even more angry.

What’s Apple doing?

Some users have received their brand-new iPhone 7 Jet Black with 256GB of storage by requesting the account password …@icloud.com . Apple has simply stated that their iPhone needs to be replaced. This means having to deliver the current one and wait for a while for the replacement to be sent to you. A mess for all those who had reserved their iPhone to have it as soon as possible.

With the notification of the wrong Apple ID , users cannot login or finish configuring their iPhone. The problem is mainly affecting the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that are being used for the first time, along with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that have been restored to their factory settings.

Problems with the iPhone 6s

A user after purchasing his new iPhone 7 and configuring it, noticed how his iPhone 6s displayed an Activation lock message requiring a different account than the one he had entered when he purchased it.

Some users… and their reaction on Twitter

Users have stated that Apple can fix this problem without replacing it by going to an Apple Store and showing them proof that the iPhone belongs to you. We’ll be grateful to save the bills.


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