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iPhone 6s will have animated backgrounds like the Apple Watch

Apple has finally confirmed that the Keynote will be held on September 9th, in which they will surely announce the new iPhone, which will not only bring great improvements at the hardware level, but there could also be surprises in the software. Apparently, among the features of the new iPhone 6s will be the animated wallpapers in the style of the Apple Watch.

The US company has not yet confirmed this possibility, but several internal Apple sources would have been using iPhone 6s prototypes that would confirm the existence of animated backgrounds for this smartphone , which would be included among the iOS 9 options.

iPhone 6s will have animated backgrounds like the Apple WatchiPhone 6s will have animated backgrounds like the Apple Watch

Apple introduced several animated wallpapers in the Watch under the name “Movement” and the new wallpapers that would be part of the iPhone 6s would follow the same line and style. The smartwatch has several animated wallpapers and you can choose between jellyfish, flowers or multicolored butterflies that move their wings.

The future iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will have different animated backgrounds

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are reported to have a small selection of high quality animated wallpapers. These will range from koi fish in a pond , as seen in the supposed box of the larger model, to explosions of coloured smoke .

Looking back at the last iOS 9 Beta versions, the US company added new colored wallpapers , including colored smoke on a black background. So who knows if in the final version of the system that will come along with iPhone 6s we can see them animated.

As we said a few moments ago, an image of the supposed iPhone 6s Plus box was recently leaked. In it, appears an image of the front of the device on whose screen appears a black and gold koi fish , which according to rumors, would have the same color as the device inside.

iOS 7 already included some animated backgrounds

According to the data provided by these sources of information close to Apple collected by the 9to5Mac kids, the new animated wallpapers could already be in tests in some prototypes of iPhone 6s to check if they are up to scratch. If you look back you will see how in iOS 7 Apple introduced some backgrounds with animated color dots, but these new ones would have much more quality.

Be that as it may, we just have to wait until September 9th to get out of doubt and see if those animated wallpapers finally make it to iPhone 6s or not.