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iPhone 6s battery has less capacity than iPhone 6

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are already a reality, although as Apple has accustomed us, we are not yet familiar with the more technical features of the devices. We do know that they are faster, have a camera capable of taking better pictures or that they include a new technology called 3D Touch. What we don’t have are figures like: number of processor cores, clock frequency, battery capacity and the like. Apple does not use these types of figures to sell its products, but insists that it is not necessary to know these data, that for them the important thing is that it works and that it works well.

Because of this we have to wait for the devices to reach the consumers to know the features more in detail, although this time it seems that the iPhone 6s presentation video (that we leave you below) gives us some information that many people are interested in: the battery capacity.

iPhone 6s battery has less capacity than iPhone 6
iPhone 6s battery has less capacity than iPhone 6

Apparently, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s mounts a 1715 mAh battery . If you follow Apple closely and like to know these technical figures, you’ll notice that the capacity is lower than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 6, which had a 1,810-mAh battery.

Does this reduction in battery capacity mean a reduction in battery life? Not necessarily. We know that Apple attaches a lot of importance to the autonomy of its devices and surely the improvement and optimization of the internal components of the iPhone 6s is enough to run at least the same as its predecessor with a lower capacity battery .

The company claims that the iPhone 6s has a range of up to 14 hours in conversation, 10 hours browsing on LTE and up to 11 hours with WiFi. A more than reasonable autonomy that is equal to that of the iPhone 6 with a higher capacity battery.

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