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iPhone 6c would have more battery and RAM than the iPhone 5s

We are getting closer to the next Apple Keynote, therefore, we find more and more rumors on the net about the future terminals of the company : iPhone 7, iPhone 6c and Apple Watch 2.

Today we bring you more information about one of them, the iPhone 6c , a terminal that many are waiting for with expectation. This is because many users prefer terminals with smaller screens or that are more colorful: and this iPhone is it.

iPhone 6c would have more battery and RAM than the iPhone 5s
iPhone 6c would have more battery and RAM than the iPhone 5s

The iPhone 6c would be the second generation of handsets with the name c . The first was the iPhone 5c, which brought back to the Apple Store the plastic along with a price one lower than its big brother the iPhone 5s.

What would the iPhone 6c look like?

This new terminal would incorporate a 1642 mAh battery, this capacity would be slightly higher than that of the iPhone 5s (1570 mAh). With respect to the iPhone 6s, the currently largest Apple only would have 73 mAh more than the iPhone 6c .

According to Foxconn employees, this new iPhone will have a screen from 4″ , which will make many of the users who were disappointed with the iPhone’s screen enlargement in its sixth version smile.

This is not the only thing that employees comment about the device hardware, they didn’t leave anything behind. They also talked about the processor that this iPhone would have, it would be a A9 chip accompanied by 2GB of RAM .

On the other hand they gave a rather painful figure, their base storage would be 16GB . We hope that if this terminal comes out Apple will allow you to choose higher storage capacities if not, and you decide to buy one, you will see your usage experience worsen.

On the iPhone 6c the Touch ID

could not be missing

The employees also confirmed that in this terminal we will find two of Apple’s most famous new products: the Touch ID and the 2.5D display . It was to be expected that this new iPhone would incorporate the fingerprint reader since in the Apple Store you can now only find terminals with this feature. It also makes sense to keep the curved screen that characterizes this generation of iPhones as the new terminal would be within it.

When would we see the iPhone 6c in stores?

As discussed in MacRumors, Apple’s suppliers are reported to begin mass production of the rumored smartphone in January. In March, would be the presentation of this and a month later, in April, its launch. Despite these supposed dates, at least five sources agree that this terminal would be released in early 2016.

In short, this possible new iPhone is sure to attract back to iOS some users who left unhappy after discovering the new screen size of the iPhone, or simply some who like the colours of this one. Would you like to see the iPhone 6c presented? Do you like its possible features? Do you think it will have 3D Touch?

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