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iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s, major design changes

We are in the final stretch, summer is over and the leaks and rumours that are reaching us about the new version of the star product of the company of the bitten apple are growing exponentially. At this point there is little left to discover and if all the rumours come true, Cupertino’s people should have a look at it and start to draw attention to their suppliers .

Not content with showing us models and designs of what will be the iPhone 6, we now find images comparing this hypothetical new design with the first terminal to incorporate a 4-inch screen, the iPhone 5 . In this face-to-face, the natural evolution of the device comes into play, which would go up to 4.7 inches .

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s, major design changesiPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s, major design changes

The difference in size is evident if we look at the photographs. That jump of a little less than an inch puts the Californian company in the fight for what really demands the market , at least in the price range where this terminal would move. It is worth remembering that everything points to another even bigger model which would reach up to 5.5 inches . The four inches are definitely outdated, at least for a significant number of users .


Including, we find a terminal much thinner , with the rounded corners , the camera with that small protrusion , some iPad style volume buttons, the relocation of the power button now to the right of the terminal, a different design in the location of the speakers and the bliss lines where the antennas will be located which keeps that unsightly result everywhere. A design that does not leave the last leaks shown.

Honestly, we are already looking forward to receiving some official note from Apple telling us the date on which their official presentation would take place, the day on which we will see whether all these leaks were right or wrong . Meanwhile, only a hype is being created around this new terminal which stands as one of the most important changes we’ve had in the iPhone range – with permission of the iPhone 4. What do you think of this consensual design that has been leaked?