iPhone 6 Presentation Video


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iPhone 6 Presentation Video
iPhone 6 Presentation Video

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A little more than a day before the start of WWDC 2014, it jumps to the media that is running like wildfire a video from inside the Moscone Center where we can see what could be the presentation of the iPhone 6.

Yes, possible presentation of the iPhone 6 during the keynote opening of the next Apple World Developers Conference that starts next Monday at 7 pm, peninsular time.

Apple has always been characterized by the secrecy of its releases , but lately, either it has changed its marketing strategy or the electronic eyes that can filter the images are so many and so difficult to control that they always end up coming out more than one image than they are supposed to.

In this case it’s the iPhone 6’s turn. Yes, iPhone 6, a device that has been filtered out, will mount a larger screen, have rounded edges, and move the location of the Power Button to the side. All this can be seen in the following video, which if it is not a very well done assembly , leaves us to see that on Monday we will see more than just iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 systems.

Eddy Cue was not wrong when he said that the products Apple was going to present would be the most important in 25 years . We’ll see if it doesn’t all remain mere declarations and from Monday the world of the bitten apple begins to recover the strength it deserves and makes it clear to the rest of the competitors who has the leading voice in this world of consumer technology.

Update: It seems that what we all thought was the presentation video for the future iPhone 6, is going to stay in a good fake of it. Some US users claim that these are images from another modified presentation.


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