iPhone 6 May Be Introduced in Fall, According to an Apple Partner

One of Apple’s partners has hinted that the iPhone 6 will be introduced in the fall

Some people don’t see this information as a great novelty, since if we consider the calendar of presentations that Apple has been following for some time now we will see that they usually present the new generation of the iPhone around the month of September . Although it is also true that sometimes they surprise us with unexpected changes in these presentations, just look at when they launched the iPad 3 that only a few months later that year they surprised us with the iPad 4 or Retina.

This time it seems that everything will follow its natural course, and according to one of Apple’s partners, it won’t be until autumn that we will see the iPhone 6. The person who has made these statements is the CEO of the company GT Advanced Technologies, the company with which Apple has a signed agreement since the end of last year to supply sapphire for the manufacture of different components of the devices.

Rumors of iPhone 6 launch point to summer and fall

iPhone 6 May Be Introduced in Fall, According to an Apple Partner
iPhone 6 May Be Introduced in Fall, According to an Apple Partner

Rumours about the possible launch date of the iPhone 6 raise two possibilities : On the one hand, there are those who believe that the company of the apple will come forward a few months early and present the smartphone in the summer, more specifically in the month of June. But on the other hand, there are those who prefer autumn, with the month of September as a reference, although for the moment nothing is clear.

As we have said before, the usual tonic of the American company these last years has been to present the smartphone in autumn , specifically the last three models, so it would not be surprising that for the iPhone 6 they decided to do it also on the same date.

On the other hand, there are rumours that the next generation of iPhone could have a screen made entirely of sapphire glass , which would give it great resistance to accidental knocks and scratches. In the last report published by the CEO of this company, called Tom Gutiérrez, we see how they expect the company to be profitable again in the second half of 2014.

Although in that statement he does not make direct allusions to Apple, Gutierrez later comments that the agreement signed with Apple to supply him with sapphire is on track , as well as that they are beginning to build a facility in Arizona, where according to GottaBeMobile, they are expected to manufacture those rumored sapphire crystal screens for the iPhone 6. Without a doubt, this agreement with Apple would be a great boost for the company GT Advanced Technologies, which would see its financial results improve little by little throughout this year.

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