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iPhone 6 May Allow Mobile Payments at Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies

Walgreens and CVS pharmacies may allow iPhone 6 mobile payments in their stores

Only 3 days left for the countdown to the end , which will put an end to a long wait that has not been boring at all. Throughout these months, we have enjoyed hundreds of leaks, concepts (some more realistic than others) and many speculations about what the new flagship of the apple company might or might not include.

At the moment there is no official confirmation of any of the features (design or hardware), although it must be acknowledged that many of the rumors point to the same place, so we could think that they are right. But for the moment, we have to be satisfied with dreaming and imagining what the iPhone 6 will be like, which could be accompanied by the first Tim Cook’s guys “wearable”.

iPhone 6 May Allow Mobile Payments at Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies
iPhone 6 May Allow Mobile Payments at Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies

But in the case of the rumored and expected iPhone 6 could come with a mobile payment system that would allow users to pay for medicines and other items at Walgreens and CVS pharmacies . Speculation that the two largest pharmacy chains in the country may support Apple’s new digital wallet comes shortly after retailer Nordstrom may also accept payment for products in its stores through the new device.

Businesses prepare to receive the new iPhone 6 and its mobile payment system

If the rumors are true, CVS and Walgreens could give Apple the opportunity to reach more than 15,000 stores . Since both stores already accept NFC payments from the rival Google Wallet service, support for iPhone 6, if the smartphone is not distributed with the rumored NFC chip, should not be too difficult to add.

Besides the support of retail stores, Apple is also working with the main credit card issuers , so American Express ,MasterCard and Visa could support mobile payments from Tim Cook’s new smartphone. In addition, as pointed out by iMore, the company is also working with banks to obtain discounts in payment processing.

For now, as we always say in these cases, we’ll have to wait until next September 9th to see what Apple finally announces during the long-awaited keynote. Are you as impatient as we are for the big day to come?

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