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iPhone 6 in detail

Rumours, concepts, renders and leaks of the iPhone 6 we’ve been hearing, reading and watching for months now , however, they are either poor in detail or the leaks are of a very bad quality.

However, the closer we get to the presentation date of Cupertino’s new flagship, the more and better details we will have of it. This is the case of the design we bring you today, made by the designer Martin Hajek, who is not looking for futuristic or obvious things, but brings us a realistic and detailed design based on the leaks that have been made so far .

iPhone 6 in detail
iPhone 6 in detail

As you can see in the images, this is a design in which even the motherboard has been made, in order to offer images as realistic as possible . We see how the volume buttons change relatively, as well as the relocation of the power button . On the other hand, it is a 4.7 inch screen, the one that will probably come with the new iPhone 6.

Other things that are obviously not appreciated in the design but that we do expect in the new iPhone 6 are special sensors to measure air pressure, temperature and various sensors that help us with our health care, something that will complement Apple’s Health service perfectly.

The subject of the battery is somewhat more peculiar, as we have heard from 1810 mAh batteries to more powerful things like 2100 mAh. In any case, iOS is able to optimize its resources and squeeze them to the maximum , so the battery will be optimized to work properly and last long enough on the iPhone 6.

We just have to wait , because there won’t be one month left for Apple to present us what they have been designing and working on this last year. A new bestseller that will leave the competition one step behind.

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