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iPhone 6, filtered volume buttons

That Apple creates a tremendous hype before launching each iPhone is something we cannot deny. Speculation flows on the internet, especially now that the iPhone 6 is approaching, a phone that is more than likely to have a bigger and thinner screen.

If a few minutes ago Jaime Lopez was showing us how the iPhone 6 would look like compared to an iPod touch, now let’s see how its buttons would look in shape and size. The image of the possible volume buttons on the iPhone 6 has been filtered, and yes, they are extremely thin.

iPhone 6, filtered volume buttons
iPhone 6, filtered volume buttons

As you can see in the image, the buttons go from being circular to elongated , something similar to what we find in the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina screen , however, here we do find the + and – sign inside. The bad part of this is that it is an image with a deplorable quality, which does not allow us to have correct details and reach very accurate conclusions. However, it is very close to what is expected from iPhone 6 and it is more than coherent what they show.

Leaving aside speculation and rumours, what is more than clear is that in September we will see the best iPhone ever. With a new design and specifications that will leave all the manufacturers of Android and Windows Phone -and also BlackBerry! A new iPhone that will set the trend for the rest of the companies , as it has done so far.

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