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iPhone 6 Could Incorporate a Larger Screen

Much has been said about the iPhone’s screen size, since its main competitors were racing to see who had the biggest screen, Apple has gone its own way, defending that 3.5 inches was the ideal size. With the launch of the iPhone 5, the company decided to increase the size for the first time to 4 inches and again argued that the device would remain just as comfortable to use because of the proportions.

Apple’s move to satisfy a market that was asking for bigger and bigger screens did not go well, as there is still a large user base that is demanding a bigger screen. Has Apple given in to these requests for the next iPhone 6?

A recent report claims that Apple has already found a way to introduce a larger screen on iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Could Incorporate a Larger Screen
iPhone 6 Could Incorporate a Larger Screen

During the conference in which Apple presented the financial results of the second quarter of 2013, Tim Cook was asked about the iPhone and if the company would increase the size of its screen in future generations, Cook’s answer was clear: ” we will not market a larger screen iPhone as long as these concessions (loss of portability, resolution, overall screen quality, etc..) continue to exist “.

In this way, Cook implied that was not willing to sacrifice the user experience in pursuit of a bigger screen , but what if they had found a way to maintain both?

This is precisely what a recent report by analyst Peter Misek reveals, according to which Apple has already found a way to incorporate a larger screen into the iPhone 6 without having to sacrifice the user experience and managing to avoid those ” concessions ” that Cook has talked about. The new Apple smartphone would be ready to be launched in June 2014 .

If this is true, it also gives us a clue about the next iPhone 5S, which would definitely not introduce any change in its design, let alone a bigger screen. However, Misek assures that it will come with new colors, a better processor, an improved camera and possibly the much talked about fingerprint reader .

As stated in BGR, the latest reports indicate that 5S will be launched in the fall, after some internal delays that would have caused a delay in its planned launch in June. This also coincides with the words of Cook, who assured that there will be no new hardware or software developments until the fall.

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