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iPhone 6 Could be Bad News for the Apple iPad

The arrival of the iPhone 6, bad news for the iPad?

For Apple to do numbers at this point in the year is quite normal, so there is no surprise in that, apart from the fact that while their flagship product (the iPhone) is doing very well, the iPad is not getting the sales they expected.

With 35.2 million iPhones sold in the last three months and $7.7 billion in revenue, Apple will be quite pleased with the impact its smartphone is making in those developing markets, particularly in China. However, iPad sales are not going too well and are a small burden that could be worrying Tim Cook, although the launch of the next iPhone 6 could put the iPad under much more pressure.

iPhone 6 Could be Bad News for the Apple iPad
iPhone 6 Could be Bad News for the Apple iPad

Sales of the iPad over the last three months have fallen by 9% selling some 13.3 million units, well below expectations of 14.4 million units, according to analysts. Also is the second consecutive quarter in which sales have fallen as we can see in the following graph.

This threat is magnified when you consider that the iPhone 6 is about to be released. According to reports, suppliers are preparing to manufacture between 70 and 80 million iPhones over the next few months . According to the Wall Street Journal, this would be the largest initial production of the iPhone.

Smartphones with larger screens (called Phablet), are something that Apple had kept at arm’s length until now, although they are now posing a major threat to tablets. The launch of the new iPhone 6 would further endanger tablets with a smaller screen.

Could the iPad follow in the footsteps of the iPod?

The answer is that possibly not, although the Apple tablet can probably have a turbulent journey considering the iPad’s update cycles. As for that, research director Telsyte Foad Fadaghi says that this long update cycle could be seriously damaging iPad sales.

“Consumers are holding on to their iPads for much longer and there is not enough incentive for them to trade them in for a new one. In addition, people are using it for much longer and there is a thriving second-hand market among those users as well” , says Fadaghi.

Fadaghi also points out that the arrival of an iPhone 6 with a larger screen could be a true perfect storm that would have to pass through the Apple tablet . As mentioned in news, with 2014 set to be a big update for the iPhone, consumers tend to focus their attention on the new device, which could mean that buying a new iPad is not a priority for them.

We don’t know if the launch of the new iPhone 6 will finally mean that the iPad will lose more market share or if Apple has a plan to do so, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the end. Do you think that the new iPhone 6 with a bigger screen could endanger the iPad? Share your opinion with us, we want to know!

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