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iPhone 6 Could Arrive in July with Improved Touch ID

According to a Japanese analyst, the iPhone 6 will arrive in July and will have an improved version of the Touch ID

I’ll be honest with you, after a year of wondering whether to be faithful to the iPhone or try new possibilities. After trying some Samsung, Sony and Nokia, I decided to wait for the new device . I think it’s the most balanced in terms of specifications and performance, and it syncs perfectly with my Mac and iPad.

I’m telling you all this so you can understand my surprise when I saw this new rumor. At first, we all expected that the next model of the Apple smartphone, which we don’t know if it will be called iPhone 6, Air or iPhone, would be presented in September, as usual. However, according to one analyst, its presentation would take place in July .

iPhone 6 Could Arrive in July with Improved Touch ID
iPhone 6 Could Arrive in July with Improved Touch ID

Abhey Lamba, a Japanese analyst, has stated that the new iPhone is likely to be introduced in July . This idea comes from the alleged acceleration in production by Apple’s main suppliers, which could be due to a presentation and launch earlier than expected.

An increase in suppliers’ production could mean an earlier submission

This increase in production could also be due to the great demand that the iPhone 5s continues to have, which not only does not decline, but remains despite having been launched 6 months ago and there are so many and so many rumors about its successor. Without a doubt, the 5s is a great device and people know it .

Contrary to what Tim Cook said, this analyst claims that

In spite of my desire, I doubt this will happen, since a premature presentation would hinder the sales of the current devices , something that Apple doesn’t like at all. As we know, the iPhone 5c does not sell much, but a presentation of a possible iPhone 6c or simply the iPhone 6, would end up canceling the sales of the most colorful of Cupertino’s devices.

As collected by Ibtimes’ friends, Abhey Lamba also claims that Apple would release different models with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 to 5.5 inches . We already saw what a 4.7 inch model could look like, but we don’t know if the 5.5 inch one would be as big as its number of inches appears to be.

And you, are you as undecided as I am about the possible size to choose?

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