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iPhone 6 Case

Not even half a year has passed since the new iPhone was introduced and we already have the [first rumours about the next generation . And this time we started strong, not with just any rumor, but with a leak, nothing less than a picture of the iPhone 6 case.

CTech has been in charge of publishing this rumor and it’s that on more than one occasion they have been right in this medium so it would not be at all surprising if this is finally the case of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Case
iPhone 6 Case

Despite the fact that the image has a more than poor quality, you can clearly see that the size is larger than what Apple has accustomed us to , which means that we could be looking at a new resolution for the iPhone and possibly 5 or 6 inches. On the other hand, the new thickness is incredibly thin , offering a very but very small size for the iPhone.

As always, we should not trust these rumors and remember that this has only just begun . However, this time we will have to be more careful because it is not the first time that Apple is caught playing with larger screen sizes and according to the market trend it is more than logical that the next iPhone has a higher resolution.

If Apple finally implements this size, it will probably change all resolutions again, so will double the resolution from 1136x640px to 2272x1280px, as was done with the Retina display on iPhone 4 . This way developers will have no problem adapting their applications and games. In this way Apple can achieve tremendous resolutions on very small screens.

It remains to be seen what happens with “the low end” i.e. with the successor to the iPhone 5c, it will probably keep the screen size of the current one , for those more conservative who don’t want a brick in their pocket.

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