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iPhone 5S May Have New Home Button and Dual LED Flash

New leaks show changes to iPhone 5S’s Home button and camera

Rumors and leaks about the iPhone 5S are growing. We’ve already seen several images showing supposed components of Apple’s new smartphone, and until now there were no clues to the possibility that the device included the much-talked-about fingerprint sensor in the Home button.

However, today new images appeared on the web showing a supposed back housing of the iPhone 5S from which it can be deduced that both the camera and the Home button will undergo major changes . Is the fingerprint sensor confirmed? Let’s go and see it!

New images show an alleged iPhone 5S rear case with some changes

iPhone 5S May Have New Home Button and Dual LED Flash
iPhone 5S May Have New Home Button and Dual LED Flash

The images of the alleged back panel have been published by the French site Nowhereelse and reveal (or confirm) substantial changes in the flash, camera and Home button of Cupertino’s new smartphone. The new iPhone, as rumoured, is likely to be equipped with a 12MP camera and enhanced sensor, a dual LED flash and a Home button with the fingerprint sensor hidden underneath.

In the published photos we can see with our own eyes the evident changes between the current iPhone 5 case and the supposed case of the future iPhone 5S. The housing of the next Apple model has several different hooks to accommodate the new board, in addition to being evident the space left for the camera sensor, which is significantly wider . We also see how the hole used by the flash is slightly longer than that of the iPhone 5’s case to accommodate, theoretically, the new dual LED flash .

On the other hand, in the image above we see a slight redesign of the board where the Home button of the device is located. From the pictures we cannot take out if it is a mere update of the internal components without great novelties, or if, on the contrary, it has really been implemented this way to accommodate the famous fingerprint sensor. This is the first time we see a supposed piece of the iPhone 5S that could give some clue about the inclusion of this sensor, since in the pieces seen so far there was no clue that the fingerprint sensor will be present in the iPhone 5S.

As they say in iSpazio, everything will be revealed on September 10th, so we just have to wait and get our own ideas of how the next Apple flagship will look like. What features do you expect the iPhone 5S to have?

It’s official!

Confirmed! Apple will hold a Keynote on September 10th in which the final version of iOS 7 and a few iPhones will be presented. Maybe iPhone 5C, maybe iPhone 5S or even iPhone 6… Although there are also rumors about iPad 5 and iWatch. What will Apple surprise us with this time?

Will you follow the Keynote live with us?

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