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iPhone 5S housing leaks

iPhone 5S continues to be shaped by rumors. Every day, new drops are released that advance what the next Apple terminal will look like. If until now the rumors only centered on the Home button with a biometric sensor, now the leak in its chassis is showing more room for the biometric sensor and a double LED flash or a larger camera module.

In the French blog of Nowhereelse have managed to get a chassis of the supposed new iPhone 5S, where you can see new changes made in the area of the Home button , that putting it face to face with the iPhone 5 we can see that it has a smaller Home button.

iPhone 5S housing leaksiPhone 5S housing leaks

If we look at the photo above, we see that the area of the Home button is wider, which further confirms that this additional space will be used to accommodate the biometric sensor of that button. The next thing we need to see is the filtration of some Home button with the fingerprint sensor , and with that we could almost say that we have reached the height of the rumors of the new Apple terminal.

Remember that this biometric sensor will be made by Authentec , a security expert company that manufactures biometric products, and that Apple bought last year for $356 million. The Home button will be convex and sapphire, if we listen to the rumors. What we can confirm is the existence of a folder called Biometric Kit in iOS 7 beta 4.

The camera area is also larger, which could indicate two things: a larger sensor that takes better pictures or an optical image stabilizer like the one mounted on the Nokia Lumia. And right next to the camera module, we also see the flash, which this time is more vertically elongated, indicating that we will have double LED flash, as many high-end phones have.

And you, do you think Apple is going to add more new features to the new iPhone 5S that we haven’t seen yet? I personally bet on a smaller circuitry that allows to accommodate a larger battery and even more density to give us more mAh and many hours of autonomy.

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