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iPhone 5S case leaks

Anxious to get the keynote started? Well, things are already leaking, and not blurry photos, but official products. In this case it’s something that nobody expected, a case for the iPhone 5S… official Apple! We are not used to Cupertino’s official iPhone accessories, we’ll see what’s innovative about it, something similar to the Smart Cover for iPad?

Two hours left for this afternoon’s keynote and a supposed official case that will bring the iPhone 5S has already been leaked. This time it has been Macrumors who has echoed the news, it is a set of instructions for the use of a leather case for the iPhone 5S .

iPhone 5S case leaks
iPhone 5S case leaks

In this afternoon’s presentation we expect great news from Apple , and not only in the topic of the iPhone 5C but also in products that are related to the iPhone, as may be this most interesting accessory, a leather case.

It is a packaging from China that has all the appearance of an Apple product, it seems that the case will be made of a material very similar to the Smart Cover for iPad and iPad mini. It is indicated that the case will also fit the iPhone 5, which eliminates the rumors that we would see a larger iPhone during this afternoon.

We’ll see how Cupertino plans to implement this case on the iPhone 5 or 5S, I personally hope they don’t do anything stupid like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and that it looks like we’re carrying a book instead of a phone. Everything seems to indicate that the picture is real and this case will be presented during this afternoon.

Remember that at 19:00 you can follow the iPhone presentation live with us , either through the blog or via Twitter.

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