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iPhone 5S camera enhancements

Anxious to see the next iPhone, rumors are rampant and one that is gaining momentum is the possibility of seeing an iPhone with double LED flash. The camera on the iPhone is something that Cupertino’s people have put the most emphasis on, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see this improvement in Apple’s quintessential smartphone.

Rumors about the next iPhone keep coming up. A few days ago a possible case was leaked that has all the appearance of being true because it shows us the biometric sensor that has been talked about so much. Today we are talking about the possibility of an iPhone with 128 GB of memory, which is not unusual considering that the iPad has been updated to this amount.

iPhone 5S camera enhancements
iPhone 5S camera enhancements

On the other hand, if we go back to last month we see how was rumored about the iPhone 5S camera , which could record videos at 120 fps. Today we will continue talking about the camera, we will see how could be the flash and the opening of this in the iPhone that possibly will be presented in less than a month. An iPhone with dual-LED flash, surely yes.

This is what the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assures us besides being sure that we will see a brightness target of up to f2.0

It would not be surprising to see this evolution of the iPhone camera . It should be noted that one of the biggest problems facing manufacturers of smartphones today is that the quality of their cameras when it comes to taking pictures is not very decent compared to professional cameras.

With the exception of Nokia, other manufacturers have not made much effort to improve low-light pictures, so the dual-LED on the iPhone could be a significant advance for the Apple terminal when taking pictures at night or in very low light conditions.

Personally I would like to see a change in the quality of the iPhone’s flash . I always try to avoid using it, as it only makes images look bad, an improvement in this is necessary and since Cupertino they know that. And you, do you expect to see important improvements in the camera of the iPhone 5S?

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