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iPhone 5S and iOS 7 May Be Launched September 20, 2013

The first iOS 7 beta has been in circulation for just over a week. The developers and some adventurous users are already testing it, but when will it be available to all users? Apple has not confirmed an exact date, but has only said that will arrive sometime next fall .

Because Apple is a company of habit, we can get an idea of when the final version of the operating system will be released. What about reviewing what happened with previous releases?

iPhone 5S and iOS 7 May Be Launched September 20, 2013
iPhone 5S and iOS 7 May Be Launched September 20, 2013

Understanding what Apple did with previous versions of iOS can help us solve this mystery, or at least give us a rough idea of when the next version might be released. Furthermore, discovering this data too could give us the release date of the iPhone 5S , since so far all new iOS versions have been accompanied by a new iPhone.

If we take out the time averages that the betas of previous versions were active we see that:

  • Beta 1: 14.75 days.
  • Beta 2: 15.4 days.
  • Beta 3: 15 days.
  • Beta 4: 18.6 days.
  • Beta 5: 17.8 days.
  • Beta 6: 11 days.

With this information we can calculate the dates when Apple could release the next iOS 7 betas and also the release date of the Golden Master and final version. For the latter, we must take into account that Apple has always presented the new version of iPhone on a Tuesday and its launch has taken place exactly 10 days later, on a Friday. This makes us think that Apple could launch the GM version along with the announcement of the iPhone 5S and that 10 days later the new smartphone would officially arrive and also the final version of the operating system for all users. In this case the dates would be, more or less, these:

  • Beta 2: Monday, June 24th.
  • Beta 3: Wednesday 10th July.
  • Beta 4: Thursday 25 July.
  • Beta 5: Monday 12 August.
  • Beta 6: Friday 30 August.
  • Golden Master: Tuesday 10th September.
  • iOS 7: Friday, September 20.

Estimates suggest that the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 could reach stores by September 20th

It’s certainly not unreasonable that the dates are quite approximate. The iPhone 5 was introduced on September 12th 2012, so with an announcement close to this date Apple would maintain its usual annual renewal rate for its smartphone .

Of course, as they say in iSpazio, this is only based on assumptions and the review of data from previous releases. There is nothing confirmed and only Apple will really know when it plans to introduce or release the new versions of iPhone and iOS. In the meantime, we have no choice but to keep listening to the rumors and settle for the information that is coming out of the iOS 7 beta thanks to the developers.

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