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iPhone 5s and 5c expand the iOS market, but Android still leads

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The data continues with several months seen since the launch of the new iPhone range. Mainly the 5s has been a resounding success during its launch, but the 5c has also helped its way in sales. It hasn’t been as successful as Apple expected, but it has done its bit.

Compared to the previous month, the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c have meant a significant improvement in the company’s sales, but not as much as the release of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 led to Apple becoming the leading manufacturer of smartphones in the United States.

iPhone 5s and 5c expand the iOS market, but Android still leads
iPhone 5s and 5c expand the iOS market, but Android still leads

And the iPhone 5s made believe that the trend would continue to rise . But it hasn’t, Apple has a 21% market share right now while Android has 71%. Obviously, we are facing an unequal struggle. Just look at the number of Android manufacturers on the market right now.

We can find Android devices at almost any price, we can even buy free Android devices under 100 euros. If we focus on Spain, as in Europe, Android is the undisputed king, but in Spain has 90% of the market and Windows Phone has equaled the share of iOS in Spain .

On the other hand, we have Japan, where the iPhone is becoming a real success , especially after Apple’s alliance with NTT Docomo. It should also be noted that this has been a minor update, perhaps with the next generation change there will be a more significant rebound.

But what is certain is that the battle with Android is lost by the mere fact of the wide range of devices that exist, for all pockets. It should be noted, that the App Store is the one that brings most benefit to the developers, which shows the general profile of users on both sides.

The reality is that many people buy a smartphone just for the sake of having one, even if they end up doing the same thing as with a “normal” mobile, sending text messages and calls (or at most Whatsapp). While the iOS user is usually a “Hard-user” and browsing data on the Internet, and the benefits of its App Store demonstrates this .

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