iPhone 5C is back in its box

September is here, and the remaining days for the presentation of the new iPhone can be counted on the fingers of the hand. The photos of the new iPhone to be presented keep appearing day after day, and today we can see the iPhone 5C already packed and ready to leave the factories in China, which is where the filtered photos come from.

As the September 10th event approaches, new photos will appear of the iPhone to be presented. This time they are the boxes of what is supposed to be the iPhone 5C and their corresponding instructions. The funny thing is that they have opened the boxes to photograph the instructions and not the phones in all their glory .

iPhone 5C is back in its box
iPhone 5C is back in its box

The photos are of quite low quality and come from Weibo’s Chinese social network. The most striking thing is the ugly pink wallpaper on the iPhone , which theoretically matches its back cover. This red colour has never been seen before in the filtered photos, but it could be a big seller among the female audience.

Along with the curved-edge paper instructions (which fits the shape of the box perfectly), we see the classic clip for removing the SIM card and a phone with a white screen background on the paper. The shape would correspond to the iPhones that were leaked last week at the Pegatron factories

As you may know, this iPhone will be presented together with the high-end model, the iPhone 5S , which if the rumors are true will bring a biometric sensor, a faster processor, an improved camera and housing in new colors available.

These devices will likely arrive in stores on September 20 , if reports that operators AT&T and T-Mobile will leave their employees without a vacation are true. Let’s remember that a few days ago it was also Apple that restricted the holidays of its staff.

We’re in the middle of the home stretch, with keynote just around the corner, and before the last week of news and rumours before the big announcement. Are you going to miss it?

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