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iPhone 5 would take 1GB of RAM

Most analysts are clear that the next iPhone 5 will be released in October, as they are still in the final stages of design. However, little by little new rumors are coming out about its internal components .

Today it’s the memory’s turn. According to a leak, the size will go up to 1 GB of RAM , the amount that the new iPad has and how well it is doing.

iPhone 5 would take 1GB of RAM
iPhone 5 would take 1GB of RAM

An increase in this feature is immediately reflected in greater fluidity, stability and speed in the execution of applications. In addition, the processor you will be mounting will also be from the A5 family , but with a different numbering. This is, in particular, the ARM S5L8950X, and it will most likely reduce the power consumption of the device.

Also enclosed is a screenshot of a design with detailed data on the internal components of iPhone 5. Among them, we highlight the change of location of the front camera , going to be over the speaker of the terminal.

In addition we can appreciate the change in size, probably up to 4 inches of screen, of this new Apple smartphone. What is not known is the reliability of these fonts.

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