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iPhone 5 is leaking light on some screens

One of the problems or inconveniences of being an early adopter is that it serves as a guinea pig for companies with the launch of a new product. This should not be the case, as the trust placed in him should be rewarded, but this does not happen. Units with failures because they are the first ones assembled and can be improved in the following batches. This time, of course, it was the turn of the iPhone 5

You’ve just come home from your recent acquisition. You’ve worked up the courage and patience to avoid the temptation to open the box in the store itself or when you leave. When you arrive at your destination it’s the first thing you do, no unpacking with a camera, no matter what others do. You open it, and because it’s an iPhone, you have to go through the eternal activation via iTunes. You connect it so you can test it first and… you realize a defect it has. That’s how the story of any buyer of the new Apple “toy” can begin

iPhone 5 is leaking light on some screens
iPhone 5 is leaking light on some screens

Let’s talk about one of the problems that usually occurs in terminals when they go to market. The rush to bring a model to market or to put it on the shelves without being completely polished causes these problems. They are common to many manufacturers, although I have to say that it has only happened to me with Apple and the iPad 2. Let’s talk about the light leaks on the screens that some iPhone 5 are showing .

It is one of the problems that are coming to light in the form of complaints from many users . This is in addition to the complaints about scratched headphones that have already been reported in some forums. As quoted in some media, is a problem that is occurring in a more frequent form than would be desired and occurs mostly in the white models of Apple’s smartphone . Some white iPhone 5s have a slight leakage of light between the device’s glass screen and the bevelled aluminum antenna . It seems that, as shown in BGR, there is a small crack under the power button of some of the new iPhone 5, although for now it is not known if it is a specific failure or if it is something generalized that affects a wider range of devices.

Although similar, is not the same case as I suffered with the iPad 2 . In my case the leakage was at the end of the screen and the start of the white frame. In this case, as we said above, it occurs in the joint with the bevel that forms the upper antenna, and as in other cases, is noticeable especially in conditions where we have little ambient light . From some media such as MacRumors, more similar cases are cited and some users even claim that the replacement iPhone 5 presented the same problem . Here in Spain we remember that it goes on sale this Friday, so we will wait for the lucky owners to tell us about their experience.

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