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iPhone 5 Battery Capacity

We continue to dismantle and display, piece by piece, feature by feature, the new Apple iPhone 5. It has received both good and bad reviews that I’m sure you’ve heard, but I think one of the most important points in the technology scene today is the issue of battery and battery life: we depend on our mobile phone every day at many times, and battery life is key.

Phil Schiller told us about the benefits of the battery life of the new iPhone 5, pointing out that despite the new more powerful processor, the LTE network, the 4-inch Retina screen, was still good.

iPhone 5 Battery Capacity
iPhone 5 Battery Capacity

Here are the promised usage times for Apple’s new smartphone :

3G8 hour talkInternet browsing over 3G8 hoursInternet browsing over Wi-Fi10 hoursAudio playback40 hoursVideo playback10 hoursRest time225 hours

As far as we know, thanks to the traditional iFixit battery the iPhone 5 has a 1440 mAh capacity , 3.8V and 5.45 Wh, manufactured by Sony. Remember that the battery of the 4S had a capacity of 1432 mAh. We will have to see how it behaves with the day to day, at least, that it reaches the end of the day!

You can see that work has been done at the level of software to achieve these figures, but I am one of those who would have sacrificed a few microns of fineness to put in a battery of greater capacity . For reference, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a maximum electrical charge of 2100 mAh , which promises almost 12 hours of 3G and 790 hours on standby , which gives the iPhone 5 -theoretically, of course- a great deal of spin.

As I say, until we have tests with real, daily use, we cannot really assess and compare battery life, although from the above, don’t seem to promise much . The truth is that it’s a pity they haven’t opted for a double density battery like the one in the new iPad to get almost 3000 mAh and pass the hand over the face of the competition. According to early reviews and tests, analysts point out that for most people the battery will last until the end of the day, but using it non-stop on LTE can last a little over nine hours. It seems that even with mobile devices that do not carry plutonium batteries, we will not be able to talk about “autonomy” in mobility.

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