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iPhone 4S from 0 euros with Orange, Vodafone and Movistar

In less than 24 hours, the iPhone 4S will be landing hard in our country. Yesterday we presented the Movistar rates, while Orange and Vodafone told us how to get the terminal for 0 euros via Twitter. We explain you how to do it if you do not want to pay anything for the new Apple phone.

As usual, we are close to the big day of the launch of an Apple phone and the data we have from the three biggest operators in our country is still poor. At least, yesterday Movistar deigned to communicate their offers in full, while Orange and Vodafone launched informative tweets to let us know their intentions.

iPhone 4S from 0 euros with Orange, Vodafone and Movistar
iPhone 4S from 0 euros with Orange, Vodafone and Movistar

The prices will be different, and the rates will be the keys to falling on the networks of any of these three large operators. Tomorrow is the big day, and if your intention is to get the iPhone 4S from 0 euros, we explain the options to do so.


Yesterday we anticipated to tell you about Movistar’s plans for the iPhone 4S. To get the free phone with the blue company, we will have to make a portability from another mobile operator and acquire a 16 GB iPhone 4S with the Planazo Total de voz and the iPhone Plus data rate. Talking will cost us 59.90 euros per month and internet 25 euros per month. That’s a total of 84.90 euros .

On the one hand, the Total Voice Planazo allows us to call any operator and national landline with a maximum of 500 minutes. The iPhone Plus data rate offers a total of 1 GB per month to navigate at a maximum speed of 3 Mbps .


Like Movistar, Orange is offering the 16GB iPhone 4S free to anyone who comes to the company from another company. We will have to contract the Delfin 79 tariff. Shortly after their rival communicated all the prices, they launched a tweet to let know their offer of the terminal.

We assume that the Delfin 79 tariff is the cheapest (logically, the price is 79 ? ). Orange offers us 2,000 minutes in calls to any operator and fixed phone during 24h of the day, 500 free SMS and a navigation that reaches 1 GB per month at a maximum speed of 7.2 Mbps .


Like Orange, Vodafone communicated with the population via Twitter. In its case, to acquire the iPhone 4S from 0 euros the company has tweeted that you must make a portability and hire the rate @XL , with data and voice reaching 99 euros per month . This makes it the most expensive of the three.

With the @XL tariff we have 1,000 minutes to call in the morning and another 1,000 to call in the afternoon . Calls between Vodafone users will always be free . We also get free SMS , for a total of 350 . Navigation is limited to 1GB per month at 7.2 Mbps maximum . Abroad we are offered 250 MB for consumption.


To be noted

Before throwing yourself in without thinking, stop for five minutes and reflect . If we calculate that Orange is the cheapest of the three and divide the 599 euros that the free iPhone 4S costs by the 79 euros plus monthly VAT that we will pay with the orange company, we come to the conclusion that in six months of contract we would have the free iPhone .

Pepephone and Simyo are two great companies to watch out for . The monthly savings are very noticeable. “Only” we should have the iPhone free to enjoy their fantastic rates.

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