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iPhone 4 will say goodbye at the end of the month

As Cupertino’s devices are usually used in several of the company’s devices, when certain model renewals take place, the company stops giving technical support to the terminal. This news has been filtered thanks to the Macotakara website, which confirms the end of support by Apple.

The main objective of this strategy is to “force” customers to buy the company’s new terminals . Another point of view in favour of the company is the amount of parts and devices to be repaired that would accumulate version after version if this were not done. So it would become something not very tangible .

iPhone 4 will say goodbye at the end of the month
iPhone 4 will say goodbye at the end of the month

On the other hand, the iPhone 4 will not be the only terminal from the firm to be left without technical support from the North American company, since the MacBook Air 13-inch of 2010 , as well as the AirPort Extreme third generation or the Time Capsule second, will also say goodbye.

This way the famous iPhone 4 will say goodbye forever . It should be noted that this terminal is for many, one of the most beloved versions of the company. Remember that it was the first terminal from Apple to incorporate the Retina screen , giving rise to an innovation that impressed much of the Apple community.

These products will be added to Apple’s “Old Legends” list later this month. This usually takes place within five years of the cessation of production. However, the company will declare them as “vintage “, as certain countries do not allow them to be declared obsolete until they are seven years old.

Finally, if you have any of these products, it is recommended that you renew them, as from November the company will no longer offer you service, although you will always find places on the Internet where they offer repairs , although always without the support of Apple.

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