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iPhone 4, the cursed phone?

It seems that the story does not just see the light at the end of the tunnel, remember that all this goes back to the beginning of the year when the iPhone 4 was a prototype in the testing phase , which had not been presented yet and appeared in a strange situation. The truth is that the wild story that surrounded this whole thing is not wasted.

The sudden staging of an iPhone prototype, which in Gizmodo was brought out overnight and whose design was so opposite to the rounded shapes we were used to, that the first thing that came up was whether or not was really the next iPhone .

iPhone 4, the cursed phone?
iPhone 4, the cursed phone?

But yes, it was and the story told by Gizmodo sounded (to me at least) as strange as the design of the terminal itself. The tipsy engineer and his fatal loss, the remote deactivation of Apple. Some said that he had been found by chance, others that he had been paid for, the house search of one of Gizmodo’s managers. The truth is that it was the first time that something like this happened to Apple .

There’s the thing, or that’s roughly all we know. Apple introduces the iPhone 4 and at the time of its presentation one of the big questions about its design is resolved. The strange gap in its profile was a novel antenna design. At the time it all looked very nice, but shortly after its launch it seems that all that glitters is not gold.

At this point I would like to point out something very worthy of note, the tremendous uproar that is taking place with all this “negative” news about the new iPhone . It seems to me that if it had happened in another terminal, like the new HTC or the Google phone, not even a tenth of what happened with the iPhone would have happened.

The first terminals have a series of yellowish spots on their screen, the commotion is armed, but everything remains in borage water when it is found that it is simply a bad drying of the chemical to clean the glass, the spots disappear in a few days. The phone loses signal and everything seems to be due to a failure of the antenna . A commotion of cosmic proportions is created again, such is the press generated about it that it appears in practically all the media.

We must emphasize the fact of the tremendous hype that is given to each new problem that appears on the new Apple terminal. Perhaps those of us who are used to reading blogs here and there, reading different opinions on the same subject, will be up to date with all this news. But that someone who a priori has never shown excessive interest in those places and when you mention “iPhone 4” automatically says, you cut off your calls, right? loses antenna . This is an unmistakable sign that something is happening.

But let’s face it, nobody cares that the last HTC phone loses coverage (which I’m not saying it does), it matters that the iPhone 4 is the culprit of the news . It may sound pretentious, but that’s the way it is. With the tremendous success Apple has and is having with respect to iPhone sales it is relatively normal that there are people interested in discrediting the terminal

We continue with the soap opera… Apple has to jump into the limelight and give a press conference about the problems. Apple’s performance in this regard creates conflicting opinions. For some Apple is too pushy, but we must think that a company like Apple cannot give a press conference saying that they are useless and have made a bad design. Statements like these, in a company where a good or bad presentation of a product can influence the rise or fall of its shares, has to be very careful in the ways it exposes a problem.

At this point we must be clear about two things, any device with an antenna has a “hot” zone over which if we interfere in any way, it can cause a loss of coverage. The iPhone is a device with an antenna and as such it has such a zone. Does the iPhone lose coverage when the “hot” zone is touched? Yes, of course it does, but not in the way that many want to make it look .

We must make another point here, Europe is not the United States. Europe is much less extensive and has better telephone networks (outside the large urban centres) than the United States of America. Therefore, it is normal that in certain areas the problem is much more pressing, since after the hare jump there were people living in large cities (such as New York, for example) who were not able to reproduce the problem.

Even so, the new iPhone has been a sales success and after its launch in Europe, the phone has done nothing but increase its sales. The truth is that this battery of “problems” that the iPhone 4 is presenting has me very dizzy. I don’t own the phone, for the only reason that I already have the 3GS and I’m happy with it, I don’t need to change. But you still know people close to me who have it and none of them tell you that they are suffering from the pressing problems that many say they have .

Obviously, if you are reading these lines and you are one of those who has problems with loss of coverage, you will not be pleased with these statements. But if it was really a major flaw in the antenna design, there would have to be hundreds of thousands of users returning their handsets, and that’s not the case at all. My personal opinion at least, is that it is a problem that is there, that is reproduced under very specific conditions, but that the people that happen to them would have something very similar happen with any other phone. It is due to variables external to the iPhone, but it is the iPhone that generates enough hype to make the news.

But Apple seems not to have given up on the press conference held to discuss this problem and after problems solved as the one mentioned above, which was released an update that revised the algorithm in charge of displaying the signal strength or the proximity sensor, now there seems to be a new problem.

Some users have complained about audio sending problems . It seems that there have been cases of interference and total absence of sound (or white noise). At first we might think that this is a problem with the second microphone, the one in charge of reducing ambient noise, but the solution presented by some users to solve (momentarily) this problem makes us think that it cannot be due to this cause.

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Users say that by giving a slight tap on the base of the phone , this transmission failure stops, so if it is true, it would mean that it is not a software failure (if it was a problem of the second microphone, the failure would be software). Then it has to be force majeure a hardware failure, but… Why was there no case until the iOS 4.1 output? Maybe a defective production batch is to blame, so if the phone is requested to be replaced, the problem should disappear.

In my opinion, there is a lot of interest in Apple getting the big bang on the iPhone and mistakes are being made, that is clear, but these mistakes would not have a quarter of the impact that Apple is having. We also have to take into account that the volume of iPhones manufactured each week has nothing to do with that of other terminals.

Yes, there may be more Android handsets on the market than iPhone 4, but you should see how many have been made from each different handset, as there are several dozen with Android installed. But what is clear is that the slamming of the press to the iPhone is evident and may have more or less reason, but if so much hype is formed is because the news sells.

And where is the white iPhone anyway? We don’t have any news about it and the bad tongues give a very simple reason for this. The white iPhone is being redesigned to solve all these problems and we won’t see it until that design is effective…

Campaign against Apple? Blatant company design flaw? Should we call Iker Jimenez to talk about the damn phone? After seeing the amount of interest behind this phone and the obvious smear campaign it is suffering. Just think that Gizmodo has been repudiated by Apple after the incident and sometimes you can feel some “pique” from this media.

If you want to know my personal opinion, all the people close to me who have an iPhone are totally delighted with the device and don’t seem to have any complaints about it. What makes you so nervous about everything that is happening with the iPhone? I don’t always agree with Steve Jobs’ words (yes, I know, it’s strange to you, but I’m not always). It’s just a phone, the competition is doing very interesting things, I for example love the Nexus One, look for your option.