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iPhone 4 Distribution: Secure Disaster

After the pleasant surprise that I personally got at the presentation of the new iPhone 4, comes the worst: its distribution in Spain. I’m afraid that if things don’t change, the distribution of the new iPhone 4 will be a real disaster.

It was already evident how Telefónica Movistar made all the customers dizzy by announcing with great fanfare the brand new iPhone 3G while its distributors did not even know what you were talking about when you were going to buy it. It was only possible that they wouldn’t look at you funny in Movistar’s own stores, such as the Flagship store in Gran Via, Madrid.

iPhone 4 Distribution: Secure Disaster
iPhone 4 Distribution: Secure Disaster

Little by little, everyone learned what an iPhone was, but it didn’t matter, there was no stock, it was very difficult to regularize the distribution. In the first months they did not have terminals to satisfy the demand and as the months went by, they accumulated stock in anticipation of Christmas campaigns, etc. Later the iPhone 3GS arrived, also exclusive with Movistar, and the same thing happened.

Panic invaded Telefonica thinking about what they were going to do with all the stock of the previous model they still had, and, very easy! they thought, let’s incorporate it to the points catalogue and to the telemarketing loyalty campaigns without saying that it is the old model. Taking advantage of the “interior” renovation introduced by Apple, many non-advanced users, who are not as up to date as the readers of this blog, did not even know of the existence of 2 iPhone models. So a lot of stock was released and at Movistar they breathed. But if you wanted a 3GS and didn’t let yourself be fooled… The problems began.

This does not only happen to Movistar, both Vodafone and Orange suffer from the same problems of terminal availability. I will never forget my long journeys searching the whole city, store by store, every new mobile model I wanted to buy… It is nothing new, I spent years ago looking for the last Nokia that had come out and it is still happening today.

Once the fact is confirmed that the 3 mobile operators in Spain will sell the new iPhone 4 (good news on the other hand), Apple will have to supply not one but three large-scale distributors with its product, and demand will undoubtedly be greater than putting it on the market with excusiveness and therefore it will have to increase its production capacity.

I sincerely pray that Apple will also sell the new iPhone as it is selling the iPad, on its own, without the operators as intermediaries. And then they will sell us their price plans, under the pressure of competition, no doubt, so we will be winners and even with Apple’s delays, we will have our desired iPhone 4!

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