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iPhone 3GS battery life put to the test


The battery of the iPhone 3GS is not a marvel and with intensive use it costs more than a day’s work. But let’s be realistic: this we already knew and on the iPhone 3G the exact same thing happens.

iPhone 3GS battery life put to the test
iPhone 3GS battery life put to the test

The first ones to open the iPhone 3GS found a big surprise, the new battery is slightly smaller in size compared to the original iPhone, however it includes a slightly larger capacity. Specifically the iPhone 3G includes a 1150mAh battery compared to the 1219mAh battery included in the new .

It’s an almost ridiculous difference, and the slight improvements in durability of the new model are due more to better power management than to a better battery. Conclusion: we have a terminal with an identical battery but with a much higher consumption and a greater number of accessories that use the battery, the result is a duration similar to that of the iPhone 3G or even worse in most cases .

But this time we have to take some of the blame away from Apple. Battery life is the problem of absolutely all smartphones on the market and in fact the iPhone is among the longest lasting ones. Of course new batteries are needed to continue evolving in the world of mobile phones and portable devices.