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iPhone 12 launch may be delayed, not iPhone 9

iPhone 12 will be delayed and iPhone 9 may arrive on time despite the coronavirus

The coronavirus has been in the news for the last year, even making its way into the technology media due to the relationship that large companies have with China, the country where the outbreak originated. It is not in vain that we have even witnessed the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress that was to be held at the end of this month in Barcelona.

iPhone 12 launch may be delayed, not iPhone 9
iPhone 12 launch may be delayed, not iPhone 9

At Apple, this virus is also affecting us, because the Chinese factories where most of our products are assembled are seeing their routines slowed down by the health scare. This, as we saw in several reports in recent days, would have generated a delay in devices such as the iPhone SE 2, but now from DigiTimes they claim that this device would arrive in time to be launched at the end of March. That would mean that the company has managed to speed up production on its assembly lines.

Rendering with the possible design of the iPhone 12

Worse luck would be had by the top-of-the-range devices to be launched this year. According to the same source, the iPhone 12 would be delayed. The cause would be again the coronavirus, since the engineers in charge of testing these products have not been able to travel from California to China as a precaution. Metaphorically, this results in a drop in dominoes, i.e. the development of this device is delayed and with it its entry into production.

The forecast from Cupertino, as every year, was that the iPhone would start production in June and thus have a considerable number of units ready for sale in late September or early October. Despite this, it would not change Apple’s plans to present its flagships at a event in September . We recall that this would not be anything new either, since in 2017 we already saw how the iPhone X was presented in September and put on sale in November, although on that occasion the iPhone 8 had been released earlier.

In any case, we cannot assume that this information is one hundred percent true, since Digitimes does not cite specific sources in the supply chain. However, it would not be surprising if this were to happen in view of the picture that the coronavirus outbreak is leaving. We will remain alert to any information that might end up confirming or disproving these facts.