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iPhone 11 Pro Max resistance test against Note 10+

Apple wanted to stand out at the launch of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro which were one of the most resilient devices they have ever created. This is easy to say but must be fulfilled and that is why from PhoneBuff have shared a very interesting video where he faces the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to a durability test that has surprised us.

In the first test we can observe how or devices are thrown from a height of 1 meter in different angles and the one that comes out more badly is the iPhone 11 Pro although we can observe that the Note 10+ also has the rear glass quite cracked.

iPhone 11 Pro Max resistance test against Note 10+iPhone 11 Pro Max resistance test against Note 10+

In the second test where the devices are thrown to the floor from the side we can see that the iPhone resists much more than the Note 10+. This is logical since as they explain in 9to5mac, the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro includes a stainless steel edge while in the Note 10+ it is made of aluminium so there is a quite important difference in resistance.

In the third test we have seen in this video we can see how both the Note and the iPhone are dropped from a height of 1 meter but impacting fully on the screen. This causes the glass to break in both cases but the Note 10+ can still be used moderately well while the iPhone 11 Pro has taken a worse hit.

From CNET have also shared in its YouTube channel a rest of resistance of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and the truth is that after making four falls from 3 meters high both teams leave completely whole having only to weigh that the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro stops working.

With this we want to convey that the fact that a mobile suffers some kind of damage from a fall does not follow an exact pattern but is influenced by many factors such as the angle of fall, height and how it could not be otherwise the very luck we have at that time. I’m sure many people have dropped their iPhone on the street and come out unharmed, but later at home on the parquet floor it broke and we don’t really know why.

Although Apple sells us that this iPhone is very resistant, is still fragile and can break with a fall or stop working if liquid falls on it so we must be very careful when we carry it and especially carry it protected with a case and a good tempered glass.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this test of resistance to the new iPhone.