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iPad’s Popularity as a Cash Register Grows

Every day we are surprised with the amount of uses and utilities that our iPad can have, without going any further. Just yesterday we were talking about how the Apple tablet was becoming a tool for many artists who wanted to express their art and create wonderful works. Today we bring you another irrefutable example that the iPad is very present in our everyday world , and it is more and more so.

Writer Marcus Wohlson of Wired has pointed out that the novelty of using an iPad as a cash register is no longer a novelty , as more and more businesses are switching to the apple tablet to perform this function. Is this the iPad invasion?

The iPad is starting to take over more and more of the business by replacing the cash register

iPad’s Popularity as a Cash Register Grows
iPad’s Popularity as a Cash Register Grows

Relatively recently it was unthinkable to give the credit card to the shop assistant and have him process your payment through an iPad, it was something exceptional, but little by little it is ceasing to be, and aims to become the general rule for thousands of establishments.

The data has been provided by a recent study conducted by the company Timetric, according to which the number of mobile point of sale systems, i.e. using some device such as the iPad, has been supplied between 2011 and 2012 throughout the United Kingdom.

Despite these staggering numbers, Timetric researchers do not believe that these numbers will continue to increase so rapidly in the future. By 2017, the total number of cash registers using this system in the UK is expected to reach almost half. What’s more, Wohlson believes that this type of system could make it very difficult to implement others such as NFC , as the card reader incorporated in the iPad does not represent such a big break with traditional payment systems such as credit or debit cards.

As pointed out in TUAW, the great popularity of mobile devices and their rapid evolution in these few years, could make us forget about carrying cash and credit cards in the distant future. But looking to a somewhat nearer future, a payment system coupled with the iPad and continue paying normally with our card, is already a big step towards achieving what today seems to us a utopia.

Have you found any shops that use this method yet? Don’t hesitate to tell us.

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