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iPads help out students who haven’t been to school

We know how useful the iPad is for all kinds of tasks, whether professional or leisure and entertainment. However, we are not so aware of the tremendous help they provide to people who, due to various circumstances, have not been able to go to school. This is precisely what Apple wanted to talk about in a recent article published on its website. Here are the highlights.

Apple wanted to reflect the situation of a German school , specifically in Dusseldorf , and the implementation of the iPad as a support tool. It is worth noting that this is not a typical school, as 325 students from 39 different countries are studying here , many of them fleeing with their families from the war.

iPads help out students who haven’t been to school
iPads help out students who haven’t been to school

According to Apple, 20% of the students at this school do not have German as their native language and therefore have difficulty communicating in class and even fear of making mistakes. Nick Kyriakidis and Sinaan El Haq Hadjeri, two of the teachers, report how the iPad helps their foreign students to lose their fear of making mistakes in comparison to the classic “red pen” used to cross out what is wrong.

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There are students like Brothers Medina Ibrahim and Mohammed, 13 and 16 years old respectively, who recently arrived in Germany from Syria and therefore do not know the local language. The iPad is also key for them. Thanks to the voice recognition systems and translator applications they are able to communicate with their classmates and teachers.

In this German school, as in many others around the world, electronic blackboards and other devices are used as support and means for students and teachers . The iPad in particular serves a lot to encourage the creativity of the students, who are capable of almost anything from their iPads with the Apple Pencil.

It is said that since the adoption of a new teaching system with the iPad as the main tool, 100% of the students of this school in Düsseldorf have graduated . The Apple device cannot be given all the credit, but it certainly shows that the incorporation of electronic elements in teaching brings good results for students.

We invite you to read the full story of this school and its close relationship with the iPad by clicking here.

Are you a student? Do you have an iPad? How does this device help you be more productive in your studies? You can tell us in the comment box.

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