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iPadOS Developer Beta 3 Experience

The most geeky people will have been bitten by the bug these weeks of trying out the new Apple betas for their operating systems. In the case of iPadOS it is likely that the curiosity was greater in some cases because it is a new operating system, although it is based on iOS 13. I already told my experience with the first beta of iPadOS at the time and today I bring my continued experience with subsequent updates to beta 2 and the latest beta 3.

I, not only as the author of The Bite Apple, but also as an iPad user, wanted to install the iPadOS beta from the very day the first one was launched after WWDC 2019. The main reason is that I have always been somewhat unfaithful to this device, and that is that I never fully convinced of its usefulness and ability to replace my Mac. Today, after several weeks with these betas, I can say that has already convinced me.

iPadOS Developer Beta 3 ExperienceiPadOS Developer Beta 3 Experience

With the first beta, and only for the first few days, I experienced the most serious bugs such as unexpected restarts or the inability to make certain adjustments such as adjusting the screen brightness. However, the weeks went by and with the arrival of the beta 2 and the beta 3 these problems did not come back.

New features such as the revamped desktop Safari , the improved multi-window and even the ability to use a mouse gave me a pleasant experience to the point where I could leave my Mac without fear for 10 days while it was being repaired in an Apple Store.

In that period of time without my Mac I was able to perform any task with my iPad . From my writing tasks on this website to leisure activities such as consuming multimedia content or keeping up with social networks. I spent most of the day in front of the iPad and you may think that with so much use I had to resort to the charger on more than one occasion a day. You’re wrong if you think that. The iPadOS battery optimization is very good since beta 1 and has continued to improve until beta 3.

As I was saying, I spent this time with iPadOS with a iPad 2018 , which despite not being the most powerful tablet from Apple offers a really satisfying experience where you don’t miss power if you don’t do heavy tasks like video editing. However, I was bitten by the bug of being able to test the iPadOS beta on a iPad Pro 2018 and I went for it.

As of this week I have a state-of-the-art iPad Pro with a logitech keyboard and Apple Pencil. And if my experience was already good with the previous model, with this Pro I am experiencing even better sensations and that is that the fluidity of the system coupled with the screen technology of this device has made me forget almost completely about my Mac.

Now I can try out some new features such as the possibility of importing and exporting files from a pendrive or external hard drive and I have to say that the management of these with Files is fantastic. However, here I have found some bugs in the beta 3. This bug makes that even if I open folders, it returns to the startup continuously without the possibility of accessing them until I reboot the device. It’s annoying but I didn’t consider it serious.

Speaking of bugs, there is a very repeated one in this last beta concerning the on-screen widget . For me, like many other users, they sometimes disappear or we experience some problem related to their handling, although like the other bugs it is solved by restarting the iPad and sometimes even blocking and unblocking it.

I have been able to chat with other users who have installed this beta, as well as I have read many opinions and most agree with me that these iPadOS betas are, without doubt, the most efficient of all and those that seem less like a beta compared to other systems that have reported more failures, such as iOS 13. In short, this iPadOS beta 3 is very close to what will be the final version , and that we still have 2 months to see it.

What about you? Have you tried this beta yet? What was your experience with it? You can tell us in the comment box.