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iPadizate Day App: Remote

Remote for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

On more than one occasion we have been asked what an application like Remote is for and we can assure you that it stops much more than you think. Especially if you have an Apple TV at home and want to exploit the full potential of the apple products. Control what’s playing on your TV with your fingers – from your iTunes library or even your latest rental.

Among the features you can enjoy if you download this application is the ability to play your entire music library, you’ll feel like you’re in front of the computer selecting songs from iTunes. You can also enter words in searches on your Apple TV more quickly and easily – the default controller is not suitable for this. Remote is convenient for many more things.

Control your Apple TV playback and turn the volume up and down at your leisure

iPadizate Day App: Remote
iPadizate Day App: Remote

The Remote application gives you great mobility, especially if you want to use your Apple TV and iTunes anywhere in the house. You can learn a lot of information from your iPad, including the songs that come “next. And thanks to the large iPad screen, you can see all the songs on the same album – you can even add songs to the playlist.

If you’re a music fan or simply have an iTunes Match account, you can control and play them on Apple TV, too. When you open Remote on your iPad, you’ll see a remote appear on your screen so you can control your Apple TV playback. You can pause or continue to play any track and control the volume.

From Remote, you can also control iTunes playlists directly from your iPad and iPad Mini. Add or remove songs from playlists, including Genius playlists you’ve created. You can also view movies and pictures displayed on Apple TV directly on your screen. See how much you can do from your iPad, controlling what happens in your home.

With this simple application you can launch the audio directly to the speakers you want thanks to the AirPlay function. You can also control the volume of each speaker individually. Send all the music you want from iTunes. You can choose any track by browsing your entire library, whether or not it’s shared with your Apple TV.

After reading everything you can do thanks to Remote we imagine that you’ll already have it downloaded to your iPad, at least to see how it works. With simple onscreen touch gestures, you can control playback of your Apple TV or your iTunes music library. And the ability to enter text from the keyboard on Apple TV makes it almost essential for searching or using features that require it. Already using Remote on your new iPad?

Download Remote for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

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