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iPad vs. iPad 2 vs.

It’s clear that the new iPad 3 must outperform its smaller brothers, thanks to the new A5X chip. However, as most of the power of this chip is used to handle the graphics of the Retina Display, we wondered how the overall performance of iOS and the apps would be affected by the use of this new resolution.

The guys from SmartDoktor have taken it upon themselves to compare the three generations of iPad we already have on the street, by subjecting them to some tests so that we can compare their performance . And the results are, at least, surprising.

iPad vs. iPad 2 vs.
iPad vs. iPad 2 vs.

As we will see in the video, not only was the speed or the graphic power compared. In particular, the WiFi module and its connection speed were tested, with the surprising result of a faster iPad 2 for transferring data over a wireless network. The second classified is the new device and the last one, the original model. Also tested was an app that serves to perform benchmarks, or performance tests . This time, the iPad 2 (764 points) and the new one (760 points) obtained very similar results, leaving the original model quite far behind, with a discreet 472 points.

Another test focused on the speed to start an app. The result, again, gave the iPad 2 a winner, followed by the new one. However, in this test the two are also quite even, and it is not very accurate as it is impossible for the user to give exactly the same time to the two icons. Here you have the video in question comparing the performance of the iPad, the iPad 2 and the new one.

In any case, these results should not be so rare. The CPU of the new one is equal to the one of the iPad 2 (1 GHz dual-core), so the performance in normal operations should be similar. It is when using graphically loaded apps that we will see big differences in performance. Also note that the new GPU has to move four times more pixels than the iPad 2. A challenge for which the A5X quad-core chip was designed. Therefore, in the coming months is when we’ll see the new one take advantage of its little brother, as apps appear that make intensive use of its new components.

What do you think? Surprised or disappointed with the results? Tell us in the comments.

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