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iPad version of iOS 7 at a glance

El diseño gráfico de iOS 7 sigue en desarrollo, cambios en camino

One of the things that caught many people’s attention during the iOS 7 launch was the lack of advertising for Apple’s tablet version of the system for the iPad. Apple did not mention this version at all and did not show in screenshots or videos what it would look like. It didn’t take long for the smartest people to go to Apple’s website and see that is not mentioned either .

iPad version of iOS 7 at a glance
iPad version of iOS 7 at a glance

Little is known about this version, which seems to be a bit behind the mobile version. Luckily, someone pretty smart noticed that Xcode 5 includes an emulator with an iOS 7 version for the iPad.

Apparently activating this emulator is very simple , here are the instructions for it, and of course thanks to this emulator we can see a little closer how iOS 7 will be in its tablet version.

At the moment, there are few new developments, although there are a few noteworthy details:

  • Again we find some inconsistencies, as we mentioned in Apple, it seems that iOS 7 is a system still under development and therefore not all versions are the same, you just need to check the icons to see that again we find differences with respect to the video shown by Apple on its website. The most obvious is the calendar, halfway between the old and the new ones.
  • We also see how the control center has a somewhat different design and adapted to a much larger screen, curiously it is much more ordered and visually coherent than the mobile version. I really like this section.
  • The notification center now takes up the entire screen, making it easier to view and at the same time adapting the content in a different way than on mobile phones. Once again, it’s a good thing that Apple is making slight changes between the iPhone and iPad for the first time.

This is all that is known at the moment, the emulator apparently runs on a rather old version of iOS 7 for the iPad, so it is difficult to make arguments based on such versions. The best thing to do is to wait until autumn and check the final look of the system, even if it costs a lot.

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