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iPad Smart Cover, the smart cover for iPad 2

iPad Smart Cover

We’ll talk about the cable later, but first let’s take a look at the iPad 2’s better half, a cover with integrated magnets that fits perfectly and not only protects the screen of our precious gadget, but also activates it from sleep mode automatically when we open it.

iPad Smart Cover, the smart cover for iPad 2
iPad Smart Cover, the smart cover for iPad 2

The word “smart” is not chosen by chance, because these new “sleeves” are designed in a really bold way . On the one hand, it protects the iPad screen without hiding the aluminium back, and on the other it can be folded up to serve as a stand that can be positioned in various ways depending on what you’re doing: virtually upright for watching videos, using it as a digital photo frame, or having a FaceTime conversation, more inclined for comfortable handheld use in the writing position, or turned upside down like a magazine cover without folding, or folded in half to expose the back camera.

The images on the iPad Smart Cover also serve two functions, making it ridiculously simple to attach or remove (nothing like the old first-generation iPad covers, watch the video below) by effortlessly lining up, and activating or putting iPad 2 into sleep mode when we open or close it without even pressing a button.

The inside of the cover has a microfiber lining that can be used to wipe off stains and fingerprints that are sure to constantly cover the iPad’s generous 9.7-inch screen no matter how much oil cover it has. It’s a good thing it’s as easy to remove as it is to leave.

The iPad Smart Cover will be available alongside the iPad 2 in ten colours, five made of polyurethane (pink, orange, green, light blue and grey) and five made of tinted leather (beige, ochre, black, dark grey and red, the latter as part of the Product Network initiative to raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria). In terms of price, the first ones will cost $39 while the leather ones will reach $69.

We’ll see how long it takes for other cover manufacturers to adopt something similar in their own catalogues, which will further extend the range of colours and designs but will hardly solve the one problem of the iPad Smart Cover: no protection against falls and knocks on the back and edges, the weakest point of the frame and its glass.

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