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iPad sales drop, but still first in the market

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iPad sales always come with a lime and a sand sale. Recent TrendForce figures from CNET suggest that the trend is continuing: sales are falling, and are even doubling at the rate of the market , but at the same time the iPad remains the absolute king of the industry .

iPad sales drop, but still first in the market
iPad sales drop, but still first in the market

Apple has sold 42 million iPads in the past year. It’s a respectable figure, but it represents a 14.1% drop in sales. And the tablet market continues to fall, but even so Cupertino remains the absolute leader in that market. Samsung is in second position selling “only” 27 million of its tablets. The difference is huge.

Still, why are iPad sales dropping so much? Let’s remember that in 2016 there have been no major new developments in the gam a, something that tends to push sales in the sector a bit. And iPads tend to last longer in the hands of owners than iPhones, which are renewed more frequently.

If the rumors are right, we may have a keynote next month when a new generation of these tablets will be introduced. That would raise the numbers a bit, but what the tablet market is crying out for is something that will change this linear evolution. Microsoft says that’s exactly what it has achieved with its Surface convertibles, although it remains to be seen what long-term effects that will have.

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