iPad reservations start today in the USA

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If you’re lucky enough to live in the U.S. and want an iPad, the process is simple: Just log in to the Apple Online Store as soon as your reservations are open and purchase an iPad just like any other company product. Of course, on launch day they will also be available at the physical Apple stores in the country , although if you prefer to be proactive and want to have it from day one, we recommend that you reserve it.

iPad reservations start today in the USA
iPad reservations start today in the USA

Others who are even luckier are companies: Apple is calling a number of companies directly asking them how many iPads they want to book for day 3. It seems that the companies will be the first to get the devices, and will have preference over normal customers on April 3rd.

In Spain, at the moment, no news about whether we will be able to reserve the product before the day of its launch, scheduled for the end of April. We must remember that the model that will be booked in the United States is the model without 3G, while in Spain all models will be launched at the same time (which means that we may be able to buy iPads in Movistar stores and not just in Apple stores).

In just a few hours, as soon as the reservations are opened, we will know the global reaction of the Americans to all the criticisms of the iPad . Many say that you have to wait for the device to evolve before you can buy it (with a camera, for example), but seeing the reaction in Norway gives me that the reserves in the United States will exceed all expectations. As long as the stocks cover all the demand, everything will be fine.

To get Apple to start the booking system, the US online store may put up the We’ll be back soon sign. As long as that closure is not global, we don’t expect any surprises in the form of a new Mac Pro or MacBook Pro.

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