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iPad Pro works as a wireless display in the new Mac mini

Mac mini requires an external display for operation, while the new iPad Pro features a multi-purpose USB-C port. If we connect a Luna Display accessory, we’ll have the opportunity to use our iPad Pro as a wireless monitor on the new Mac mini.

This accessory allows us to send the image of our Mac to an iPad with practically no loss in quality and with the possibility of using it from a safe distance, for example from the sofa in the living room of the house.

iPad Pro works as a wireless display in the new Mac mini
iPad Pro works as a wireless display in the new Mac mini

The idea is really attractive, as the creators of the accessory say , it is a really new concept taking advantage of the capacities of the new Apple proposals. The truth is that they are absolutely right, we can join two great devices to have a completely new and possibly satisfactory experience.

This accessory has a very simple operation, send images to our iPad wirelessly from the Mac mini with a good quality. We could do this without any problems with dedicated applications, but through the Lightning cable that linked our Mac with our iPhone or iPads. Here all the bars are removed, making really interesting use of both devices.

Many of you would have liked to see an iPad with macOS , because here we have an excellent opportunity to emulate it, since we will control via streaming our Mac mini. It should be noted that the Apple Pencil will be able to interact without any problem. Luna Display is perhaps the first proposal for this concept, which we have loved.

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From the website of Luna Display they explain in detail how they were surprised to find their product working perfectly and what we need to do to test this combination of iPad Pro and Mac Mini with optimal results.

How about this idea? Would you buy it if you had the chance?

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