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iPad PRO May Have 4k Resolution and Retinal Scanner

Rumors again accompany the iPad Maxi or Pro

Rumors, that endless source of news and entertainment in equal parts. What would we do without those videos from an iPhone with a holographic projector? What would become of us without the eternal development of iWatch? And so we could continue with a myriad of rumours on all sorts of products and companies.

We are not satisfied with just enjoying our products when they have just been launched on the market, but we always need to go further, look at future generations of those tablets, smartphones or gadgets in general and think about which one we will buy and which one we will not. This is the case of the rumored 12-inch iPad or also called Pro .

iPad PRO May Have 4k Resolution and Retinal ScanneriPad PRO May Have 4k Resolution and Retinal Scanner

Well, the latest rumors speak of an iPad Pro, specifically a presentation of a Pro model in April with a resolution of 2k . This kind of resolution is a bit higher than the current one and is expected to be presented in other important gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy SV and is already available in devices such as the Kindle Fire HDX with 2560 x 1660 pixels.

4K resolution, retinal scanner and more

If this sounds incredible to us, wait until you hear the following; in October a new version of that iPad Pro with a resolution of 4k will be released. If the image quality of today’s screens starts to exceed the maximum quality the human eye can perceive, imagine what happens with 4K screens. In my opinion, on tablets and smartphones, the race for 4K is useless as long as the quality of content is not standardized to that quality.

All this information comes from the International Business Times (IBT) which has produced a report on all these issues. In addition to the screen qualities of the future models, it now adds that will have a retinal eye scanner . They do not explain how it can be applied to an iPad, but they do talk about its use in research to find out how users view content on the Internet.

Undoubtedly, as they say in PadGadget, other brands are thinking about implementing these technologies and even launching 13-inch tablets. If there is something that the brands should have learned from the success of 7 and 8-inch tablets is that the more laptops the better . You don’t need a screen from 13″ for a device that should be able to be used everywhere, although it is clear that the market rules and there are many people who want bigger screens better.

Can you imagine taking out an “iPad PRO” on the bus?