iPad Pro and your Apple Pencil: First Impressions

Five years after the launch of the first iPad, the Apple tablet family continues to grow. First we were introduced to the new iPad Mini models, which were a huge success. Then came the iPad Air with all its power and lightness, and now a new member of the family has arrived: the iPad Pro.

But along with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro have come two companions, the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. Our Digitalartsonline colleagues have managed to acquire the colossal tablet with its stylus and have lent themselves to making one of the first hands-on .

iPad Pro and your Apple Pencil: First Impressions
iPad Pro and your Apple Pencil: First Impressions

So, in iPadizate we are going to share the first impressions of the Apple Pencil in an iPad Pro , analyzing in detail its dimensions, features, resolution, design, experience and usability.

The iPad Pro is not as heavy as it looks

One of the things that has caught our attention is that, despite its gigantic dimensions (30.57 cm high by 22.06 cm wide) , the iPad Pro is not as heavy as it might seem at first.

Thanks to its 0.69 cm thick , the iPad Pro weighs just 713 grams (723 grams for the Wi-Fi and Cellular models). That makes it easy to move around, even though you’ll miss a stand like the Surface Pro.

The resolution of 2,732 x 2,048 pixels allows us to work on all projects in a really comfortable way, and even more so since iOS 9’s multitasking with Split View and Slide Over will make our lives much easier.

Apple Pencil: the perfect companion

Just as Steve Jobs hinted, no tablet or smartphone needs a stylus to get a good user experience, and the iPad Pro is no exception. However, the Apple Pencil is more than a stylus , it’s a digital pen that slides comfortably across the iPad Pro’s huge screen allowing us to benefit from its innovative pressure-sensitive technology in applications as simple as Notes or more complex as AutoCAD.

From the first use, the Apple Pencil feels very natural. The sensors can detect pressure and angle of travel. The Notes app has a ruler that allows us to draw straight lines easily, and using the Apple Pencil’s edge creates a very realistic shadow , just like a pencil.

A Lightning connector offers us the possibility to put the Apple Pencil in the slot of the iPad Pro, it has a very fast charge and in just a few minutes we can have again an hour of use , and a complete charge will make it last us a whole day.

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