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iPad Pro 2018 offer with up to £80 off

The iPad Pro is certainly becoming an ideal device for people who are looking for a good device that can be passed off as a laptop but without leaving a kidney in the bargain. That’s why although we are close to seeing the new iPad Pro 2019, the model presented last year is still highly recommended today and more if we find it with a good discount as is the case that we will comment in the next article.

Without a doubt the leap that the iPad Pro made last year was very important since in addition to changing the overall design of the device by reducing the frames it also incorporated an excellent facial recognition system and a new Apple Pencil that is more productive. We say that it is more productive because we always have it charged while it is recharging itself while it accompanies the iPad, not having to connect it to the Lighting port as in its first version, making us wait several minutes to use it.

iPad Pro 2018 offer with up to £80 offiPad Pro 2018 offer with up to £80 off

Buy the iPad Pro at a substantial discount here.

In this offer that we found today on Amazon we can see the 64GB version with a discount of 80 euros, going to cost 799 euros in the 11 inch model. In addition to this version, we also find the one with 256 internal storage that has a discount of 57.20 euros and the one with 512GB 79.01 euros.

In addition to the design change, it also incorporated an incredible A12 chip that makes it tremendously powerful , approaching the power of MacBook Air and even some MacBook Pro models. Obviously, this computer won’t behave like a laptop, but with iPadOS, it’ll certainly be very similar.

As we said before, the best thing to do with this equipment is to accompany it with a second generation Apple Pencil so that you can get the most out of it, especially if you are going to use it to go to university and take notes. In addition if you complete it with a keyboard and as soon as iPadOS comes out, a wireless mouse you will undoubtedly have a computer that can cope with a Mac in most cases.

When you buy this equipment at the official Amazon store, you will have a two-year warranty just like if you bought the equipment at an official Apple store and you will have the possibility of contracting the extended protection plan of Apple Care+.

Now that school is back in session, this could be a good opportunity to renew the old iPad we have at home for this one, which will undoubtedly give us a better user experience.

Leave us a comment in the comment box what you think about this offer we found on Amazon.