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iPad Market Share Drops, But Android Usage is Lower


Two days ago, Apple presented its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2013, which reflected an increase in revenue but a decrease in profits. As usual, whenever Apple presents its results, there are numerous interpretations and readings. The one that interests us is to know what is the state of the iPad in the market and how it has been affected by the fierce competition . Let’s see what the health of our favorite tablet is.

The iPad’s market share is falling and Android’s is rising, but actual usage of their devices is overshadowing that increase

iPad Market Share Drops, But Android Usage is Lower
iPad Market Share Drops, But Android Usage is Lower

Although Apple announced last Tuesday the sale of 19.5 million iPads , exceeding the 11.8 recorded in the same quarter last year, the truth is that continue to lose market share compared to Android . It must be acknowledged that the wide range of Android tablets, for all tastes and pockets, has significantly reduced a market share where the iPad was king.

As we can see from the table, Apple has gone from having a 63.1% share in the second quarter of last year to 48.2% this year. As we say, a very significant loss of the hegemony of the iPad . In turn, Android has increased its share from 34.2% last year to 43.4%, getting closer to the numbers of the Apple tablet.

But it seems that, according to the advertising agency Chitika , despite the decline in market share of the iPad, the tablet still maintains 81.9% of the web traffic registered in the U.S. and Canada in March 2013 . Amazon’s Kindle ranks second at a huge distance with only 7.1% of the traffic, but what is really surprising is the registered numbers of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, with a testimonial 4.3%.

What does this mean? Simple, there is a large base of Android users who do not use their device (smartphone or tablet) as such, i.e. they do not make use of all the features. In contrast, iOS users are generally more intensive in their use of their devices and tend to use them in a completely different way than Android users.

Here you can see what a TechCrunch observer thinks about it:

We therefore see how market share is not always linked to increased use of the device. Android should start thinking about new ways to turn a significant base of its users into true “users”, something Apple has long learned.

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