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iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

We all know about the thousand and one benefits of the iPad and many of us already use it professionally to carry out projects or jobs. And as many of you will know, if we attach a physical keyboard to a tablet, it becomes more comfortable when typing for long periods of time. Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts to help you optimize your time.

We all know that the iPad’s touch screen behaves perfectly when writing or drawing on it, but one of the strengths of the iPad is the ability to connect an external keyboard to replace the virtual keyboard and thus achieve a greater visualization of what we are writing. There are two possibilities to connect a physical keyboard to the iPad, one is through a keyboard with a dock adapter , and the other is thanks to bluetooth .

iPad Keyboard ShortcutsiPad Keyboard Shortcuts

And as usual, to work faster we can always make use of the keyboard shortcuts .

Here’s a complete list of all the keyboard shortcuts that work perfectly on the iPad:

  • CMD + A – Select all
  • CMD + C – Copy
  • CMD + X – Cut
  • CMD + V – Paste
  • CMD + Z – Undo
  • CMD + Shift + Z – Redo
  • CMD + Space – Change the keyboard language, hold down CMD and press space until the desired language is selected.
  • CMD + Up arrow – Jump to the beginning of the document
  • CMD + Down arrow – Jump to end of document
  • CMD + Left Arrow – Jump to the beginning of the line
  • CMD + Right Arrow – Jump to end of line
  • CMD + Delete – Deletes everything on the current line
  • Option + Delete – Deletes the word to the left of the cursor
  • Shift + Cursor keys – Select in the same direction as the arrows
  • F1 – Darkens screen
  • F2 – Illuminate the screen
  • F7 – Play the previous song
  • F8 – Play Pause the song that is playing
  • F9 – Skip the next song
  • F10 – Silence
  • F11 – Volume up
  • F12 – Volume down
  • Eject – DisplayHide the on-screen virtual keyboard

So far, this is all the keyboard shortcuts I could find to make the most of the physical iPad keyboards.

If you know of any other shortcuts that are not on the list, don’t hesitate to comment.

Remember that all these keyboard shortcuts work perfectly for both iPad and iPhone .

And if you’re interested, you can also check out our full list of Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts.

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